In New York, everyone’s got a story. Be it a clearly defined goal or an absolute pipe dream, I can’t use the word “dull” to describe a single person I’ve encountered in this city. Even the “dull” people are fascinating in their own lovable ways. Most of the movers & shakers in this smaller-than-it-seems city are in New York specifically to seek a means to their quirky end, and this is an undeniable motivator.

As a “PR is a way of life” type of publicist with a “few” years of PR under my belt, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that is very unique to New York City: everyone here is in PR for themselves whether they know it or not. From cocktail parties, to the line-up at Shake Shack, to the awkward silence when its just you and some other random on the platform waiting for the F Train, New Yorkers have a way of promoting themselves (or this city) to anyone who will listen–and I LOVE it!

Maybe its a collective energy that we all feed upon? Maybe one person started PR-ing a long time ago, and we all followed suit!? From my Floridian former-roomie and actress striving to be (and quickly becoming) a bonafide journalist, to my Las Vegan playwright soon to get her first musical off the ground, to my teaching Canadian turned fashion stylist… it really is all about who you know, and how you communicate what you’re looking to achieve.

There is a certain accessibility available to all of us in this crazy beloved city, and you’ve got to PR yourself in order to get to where you’re going. Hence my notion that everywhere you turn, whether you’re in PR or not —> It’s All Very PR!

I dedicate this blog to all those inspirational people out there who contribute to this karmic PR initiative. There are a few ways to look at PR, and I concur that the industry can get a negative wrap, but there’s something to love about the idea of “pay-it-forward” style PR. There are a lot of people out there who go unnoticed for doing the good deed of helping to connect the dots, a strategy, that can help us all in the end.

When you step out your door in New York (ideally with your coffee and/or Red Bull-like substance of choice in hand), you really never know where you might end up by the end-of-day, and who you might spend it with. It’s a new era version of the old saying “seize the day”; the opportunities are there to scoop up if you’re willing. I find myself looking back at the last month alone and wondering how I got here (let alone the past several months, or several years!). My revelation is this: it is both direct and indirect PR that connects all of us. Together, we maintain the pace of New York. It’s like driving 30 above the limit; you’re not speeding if the car in front of you and behind you are going at the same rate.

For this reason, I vow to start blogging about my travels and discoveries in the hopes of connecting some of the dots between all of my favorite faces. This blog will chronicle the unique interconnectedness that exists between all of us. And some “Hot Topics” in the PR world, too.

Welcome to: It’s All Very PR ~ Life through a PR lens!