About the Author

Who Am I?

My name is Alyson Julie Campbell, and I am a founding member of AMP3 Public Relations–a boutique lifestyle PR agency focused in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Born & raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada–I relocated to Manhattan in pursuit of my career. With a degree in Business Admin & Mktg Communications and a strong passion for the entertainment industry as well as PR, it made sense to gain my experience in New York City–the capital of both industries.

Today, I consider myself a New Yorker at heart, who loves to explore the city, absorb the culture, check out new goings’ on, and get home to see my friends, family & my beautiful niece and nephew as much as is humanly (and professionally) possible.

What’s The Blog All About?

You can visit my “story of the blog” section to read the full inspiration and better understand the tone and voice of this blog, but basically, I just wanted a vehicle to explore the fascinating “6 Degrees of Separation” style life I experience in the PR world on a daily basis.  So – the blog covers my PR experiences first-hand, changes in the ever-evolving media industry, and interviews with key industry tastemakers. This is a Perso-Professional Blog.

Who is it for?

Well, since my goal is to connect event goers, fellow-networkers, and industry-folk, and to bridge the gap between PR professionals and the media industry, I would love for people to use this chronicle to connect with other relevant people and pay-it-forward with interpersonal PR! I plan to turn the tables and give the press an opportunity for some coverage on themselves, to tell their own stories, to reveal what our opponents love & hate about PR and to kabosh any misconceptions in the media that might exist. If you see a blurb on someone who is relevant to you or your industry, feel free to field inquiries through me at alyson(AT)AMP3pr.com, and I’m more than happy to connect the dots.

How can you reach me?

You are always invited to reach me by email at alyson(AT)AMP3pr.com. I’m open to any and all suggestions, ideas, feedback, shout-outs and criticisms. Give it to me  .