31 Jan 2016

Enhance The Bathroom Décor with Corner Cabinet Bathroom

Corner cabinet bathroom is usually used to store some bathroom stuffs. As you know, there are some things you need in bathroom like towel, sanitary tools, and toiletries. Therefore, you need a storage in your bathroom. There are some kinds of storage you can choose based on the design, size and functionality. If you have small bathroom, the corner cabinet might be helpful to save the space. Commonly, the corner in the bathroom is neglected, but if you choose corner cabinet, you optimize all side of your bathroom. Besides, it will take more space vertically, so you can get extra…

30 Jan 2016

Various Bathroom Storage Tower Design Ideas

Bathroom storage tower is the best solution for small bathroom. Not everyone have bathroom with wide space that can be decorated with some furniture and ornaments. However, if you have small bathroom, you even must know how to choose a furniture that can be space saver. It is because you need a storage to keep your bathroom stuffs like towel, toiletries and sanitary equipment. The storage tower is the tall cabinet with narrow width. There are some racks drafted vertically. So it can store many stuffs inside. It is good for small bathroom, because it will not take many spaces…

29 Jan 2016

Simple and Elegant Designs for Bathroom Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are decorations that can make your bathroom look more captivating. There are many ways you can do to enhance your bathroom décor. One of them is to choose nice decoration like the curtains. It is important to make your bathroom look lovely, because you should be comfortable to use your bathroom. Then, there are many selections of curtain design that you can choose from the simple to elegant style with various types of material, color, and decoration. You must choose the curtain designs that is fit to your bathroom décor and some furniture and decoration around. Bathroom…

28 Jan 2016

Bathroom Armoire to Decorate a Rustic Room Décor

Bathroom armoire can be good furniture for rustic décor style. You can do many things to create a comfortable bathroom. One of them is to decorate it with nice design. If you want to bring natural and country look, you can choose rustic style for your bathroom décor. Then, you need some furniture and decorations that can enhance the room look. Armoire is the tall cupboard with shabby and antique look. It is really perfect to decorate your bathroom. Moreover, this cupboard is not only beautiful, but also very useful as storage. It can be used to store many stuffs….

27 Jan 2016

Bathroom Wall Shelf Designs in Simple and Unique Options

Bathroom wall shelf is really helpful to store a lot of stuffs. There are many thing you need when you are in bathroom, like toiletries, towel, sanitary equipment and many more. Then, rather than to put them on the floor or random empty space in your bathroom that absolutely will make a mess, the wall shelf can be a good solution. Moreover, it can be a great space saver for the small bathroom, because it will not need more space on the floor. So, the room will look more spacious and of course tidier. Besides, if you choose the shelf…

26 Jan 2016

Bathroom Wall Panels to Beautify the Room Décor

Bathroom wall panels are very good to enhance your bathroom décor. Bathroom is like the other rooms that need to be decorated with nice design to create a comfortable ambience. Moreover, this room become one of the most visited rooms in your house. Therefore, it is important for you to make your bathroom look lovely, so you can use it cozily. To choose wall panels with decorative design is a good idea to make the room look more attractive. Besides, wall panel comes with great functionalities. There are also several types of wall panels you should know, so you can…

25 Jan 2016

Mix and Match Bronze Bathroom Accessories

Bronze bathroom accessories can be considered as one of the most exclusive things to own in the bathroom. The question is how to catch up with such greatness, regarding to the other furniture? You may wonder whether it is OK to just splash items regardless of materials when it comes to organizing the bathroom. In fact, there are some tricks to beautifully mix and match bathroom accessories. You still can pull out outstanding scheme with bronze accessories if you blend them with others correctly. Let’s figure out more about it! Light VS Dark Scheme with Bronze Bathroom Accessories Mixing and…

23 Jan 2016

3 Ideas for Beautiful Bathroom Backsplash

Bathroom backsplash is one of the ways to beautify the space. Apart from the right choice of furniture, accessory sets, and taking care of all furniture well to preserve quality, the backsplash is considered a detail not to be missed in order to show off exclusive bathroom look. At this moment, we’d like to showcase 3 ultimate ideas for beautiful creations. First off, let’s start with the classic one. This idea is probably the most timeless, but it’s also going to be easy for the homeowner to do the mix-and-match bathroom elements. The first backsplash idea is to go with…

22 Jan 2016

How to Maintain the Quality of Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom storage cabinets should be taken care of well. Over time, your bathroom cabinets can show how old they have been in your bathroom and how well you’ve been taking care of them. And thus maintaining the quality of bathroom storage does need commitment and effort. Not only to prevent the item from looking untreated or neglected, maintaining its quality and taking a good care of it means you want to preserve the best performance it could perform. Let’s learn how to do it! 2 Basic Cleaning-up for Bathroom Storage Cabinets The common problem we find when it comes to…

21 Jan 2016

Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessory Sets

Bathroom accessory sets are viable to enhance the mood and class of a bathroom. Since we all realize that bathrooms are very common with simple design, only wrapping up its main function, accessory sets grab the responsible to take the space into a higher level with aesthetic aspects. Accessory sets play roles in bringing chic and cozy atmosphere to the bathroom. And choosing the right accessories can be influential to the overall style to the bathroom, as well as making you comfortable being in the room. Learn how to do it well! Basics about Choosing Bathroom Accessory Sets First thing…