Monthly Archive:: October 2015

31 Oct 2015

Modern yet Nature-look of Bathroom Tile Flooring

Bathroom tile flooring that you have already designed well, can be another prove that there is nothing impossible to enliven your room, even it is a bathroom, the place where not too many people pay attention at,
30 Oct 2015

Double Bathroom Mirror Frames Design Ideas

Bathroom mirror frames are the frames that used by mirrors in the bathroom. Mirror is one f the important elements in the bathroom. Some of the people are using bathroom as their changing room so it’s impossible
29 Oct 2015

Country Bathroom Vanities for Your House

Country bathroom vanities are the vanities that using country theme for the vanities theme. Vanity is a dressing table. Some of the people are put the vanity in their bathroom. The simple design of the vanity is
28 Oct 2015

Small Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathroom

Small bathroom vanities are the vanities in small size. Vanity is the makeup table that usually found in the bedroom or bathroom. Some of the people are choose to put the vanity in the bathroom because it’s
27 Oct 2015

Small Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Design Ideas

Bathroom vanity cabinets are the cabinets in the bathroom vanity. Vanity is makeup table. But it’s not the plain table like dining table or living room table. Vanity usually has some drawers or storage in it. In
26 Oct 2015

Framed Bathroom Mirrors with Themed Decorations

Framed bathroom mirrors are the mirrors in the bathroom that already framed. The frames that used in those mirrors are usually unordinary frames.  They’ll use various materials, designs, and colors to create an amazing framed bathroom window.
25 Oct 2015

Bathroom Shower Tile for Shower Wall and Floor

Bathroom shower tile is the tile that used in the shower room in the bathroom. Tile is one of the materials that waterproof so it’s very suitable to be used in places that having water all the
24 Oct 2015

Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors Designs for Vanity

Contemporary bathroom mirrors are the bathroom mirrors in contemporary design. Contemporary design is the popular design that usually used in furniture and other decorations for the room. In this case, the contemporary design was used by bathroom